HELO are Revolutionaries

HELO (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra) has just confirmed its first ever gig as part of the HCMF Revolutionaries project.

Directed by Scott Hewitt, HELO and friends, Adam Jansch, Sam Freeman and Tom Mudd (biotic audio artist), will be performing a variety of works exploring laptop ensemble playing, bounded improvisation and interpreted scores.

Ed Jenks & Matthew Barnard will also be performing on the evening.

8pm @ Café Ollo, The Media Centre, Northumberland Street, Huddersfield.
Thursday 6th November, Thursday 13th November and Thursday 20th November.

Don’t forget to check out other artists playing in Huddersfield during the HCMF friday 21st – sunday 30th November 2008. the ASCOLTA / ZAPPA gig at bate’s mill looks especially good.

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update: A recording of Tom Mudd’s minimal bass performance from that evening can be found here.

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