Monome Sixty Four

I was on at bang on 1800 GMT last Thursday, attempting to get an early place on the new order system for a sixty four after the first batch sold out in two minutes.

I managed to secure slot 30 in the queue for the remaining 40 units at 18:00:33 and had that auction winning feeling when I received the confirmation of my slot and then later payment. I really like the fact that we’ll be some of the lucky few to have secured a device.

I envy the developers for being in the great position of the orders now flowing in, having a great community, while still not outsourcing manufacture. We’re going to be coding/patching up some experiments as soon as the device arrives in a month or so. You never know we might even release some of them.

See vimeo for some fun videos.

isn’t it just a bunch of buttons with lights? yes, isn’t it wonderful? by having separate light and button systems, the device can be reconfigured infinitely. new applications and uses are continually being invented.


  1. Adam
    Posted 06 Feb, 2008 at 12pm | Permalink

    I even can’t wait to have a play on this! (if you ever put it down for a minute?!!)

  2. Posted 06 Feb, 2008 at 12pm | Permalink

    Nice one Adam.

  3. Posted 15 Jul, 2008 at 11pm | Permalink

    Can I borrow it? I’ll swap it for your X-session… ha ha

  4. Posted 17 Jul, 2008 at 3pm | Permalink

    sure.. you’ll have to come and visit me though.

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