New Website Design

It’s been a long time since our website had a facelift.

We’ve gone through many designs from static html to fullscreen flash.

Last week I implemented wordpress and a modified version of the Slider 1.0 theme by Karmadude.

There’s still a few minor changes to make to the design and lots of content to add, however, most of our artists are pretty busy working on current projects, so we’ll get on it asap.


  1. Posted 19 Mar, 2007 at 5pm | Permalink

    Wow! I love what you have done with slider, looking good.

  2. Posted 19 Mar, 2007 at 7pm | Permalink

    Thanks. It’s now upgraded to the 1.0.3 code and we’ve made significant changes to the CSS and sidebar to maintain consistency throughout the site. The menu has the accordion option integrated and we’ve moved the prev/next post links.

  3. ant
    Posted 19 Apr, 2007 at 8am | Permalink

    Hey dudes, loving the design of the new site well done! I can’t find any of your tunes though?? its been a while since i checked your stuff was wondering what new material you had..

  4. Posted 19 Apr, 2007 at 10am | Permalink

    We’ve done a total overhaul on the redesign and now slowly reorganising the portfolio and planning to push it all to the public again.

    We’ll be posting old and new material as soon as it’s available.

    We’re all fairly busy, however, as I said in the post, so updating the site isn’t massively high on the agenda. I’m starting to wonder if the blog format is the right way to go if we’re not going to post regularly.

    It looks nice though so we’ll roll with it for a while.

    Cheers for dropping by.

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