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Biotic Audio co-founder Richard D. Hearn has his central website beats and pieces up and live.

Beats and Pieces came about when I decided to pull together all the bits and pieces I was doing to make a living through music.

Electronic music composition, band website design, artistic development, event promotion & electronic music based workshops… is there anything this guy can’t do? Keep up the great work.

If you want to be like rich get in touch, we’re always looking for like minded people.

Inclusive Improv. May 09

I arrived late but managed to play in the last session.

Adam has uploaded the entire evening to here. I played on track 10

Find out more about ii, get involved on fb or come along to the week of speakers.

HELO are Revolutionaries

HELO (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra) has just confirmed its first ever gig as part of the HCMF Revolutionaries project.

Directed by Scott Hewitt, HELO and friends, Adam Jansch, Sam Freeman and Tom Mudd (biotic audio artist), will be performing a variety of works exploring laptop ensemble playing, bounded improvisation and interpreted scores.

Ed Jenks & Matthew Barnard will also be performing on the evening.

8pm @ Café Ollo, The Media Centre, Northumberland Street, Huddersfield.
Thursday 6th November, Thursday 13th November and Thursday 20th November.

Don’t forget to check out other artists playing in Huddersfield during the HCMF friday 21st – sunday 30th November 2008. the ASCOLTA / ZAPPA gig at bate’s mill looks especially good.

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update: A recording of Tom Mudd’s minimal bass performance from that evening can be found here.


added to projects.
i made this ages ago with processing.

a kind of 3d didital flower that responds to 7 open sound control variables.

i’ve omitted the source as it’s kind of embarrasing being a bodged effort way back in 2003 before the oscp5 implementation was released. really it was just the protocol wrapped around an example sketch.

even so, i could still see the potential of processing as a vis/ui platform back then.

new pd test patch to go with though.

Words we use on this site

created by wordle

Revised Website Design

It’s still a similar design but using the “beautiful on the inside” sandbox codebase. That means microformats and other goodies. Read More »

twitter tools test

testing the wordpress twitter tools plugin.

all blog posts should now appear as tweets under my twitter account.

cycling 74 Max/MSP/Jitter 5

This is the big one… our artists have been using max and its signal processing friend msp to create with and well, things just became a little more interesting.

This version represents a new era of Max programming, with a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. With a new patcher interface, searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation and new tutorials, the new Max user will find a smoother learning curve while experienced users will see improved productivity.

After two years of intense development, max 5 is finally here with a slick new look, hundreds of new features and improvements to aid in idea creation.

Presentation mode avoids the spaghetti junction of patch cords on a new panel, hiding what you don’t want and creating a front end for your software. Presentation mode works hand in hand with being able to edit the same patch in multiple windows plus new multiple undos.

Debugging probes have the ability to examine data flow at any point by simple mouse hovering. they work on signals and matrices as well. Monitor watchpoints allow viewing several predetermined probes to be viewed at once in a neat table.

In line documentation does away with the need for printed or pdf manuals. Query or view the reference on any object in the palette. The integrated file browser and an advance search function databases everything you’ve used.

The new timing features allow you to program in bars and beats as well as milliseconds. Many timing objects such as metro line phasor and their msp counterparts can all be synced to the new transport object. While time points can be used to trigger events at a point in the timeline. I’ve spent many an hour manually programming systems like these to interact with rewire devices and have never been perfectly happy with the results. This is far more elegant. They can even send vst host timing messages for plugin syncing.

There are many more reasons to upgrade, one of my favourites being attributisation of nearly every object. I don’t have to remember what the 7th inlet does any more, I just send it into the first with an attribute and call the job done aiding in the creation of reusable code.

If you’re wondering what exactly Max is about, perhaps this new video introduction will clarify a few things. Or, download the 30 day demo and find out what the hype is all about for yourself.

In use for over twenty years by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students, Max is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams. Version 5 is a dramatic transformation of Max that begins a new chapter in the program’s history.


Get some interactivity in your art works through BlueSense from blue melon.

BluePD is a new product of Blue Melon which has been released in the BlueSense series of modules.

BluePD introduces Pure Data to the world of physical computing. With BluePD you can design your program visually using the popular Pure Data package. BluePD is equipped with a powerfull minicomputer which can execute your patch. This allows BluePD to physically control your setup without any attached computer.

BluePD has a special port to connect multiple BlueSense modules. Each BlueSense module allows the user to add switches, analog inputs, digital outputs, servo motors etc.

via PD-announce mailing list and

energyXT v2.06

Update: 05 Mar 08 2.0.7

XT Software has released version 2.0.6 of energyXT.
(Via KVR, where there is the full changelog.)

Perfect for modular software environments and cheap enough too.

Building on the success of energyXT (One of the most flexible VST sequencers), version 2.0 is re-designed with a streamlined drag & drop based interface, and adds pro features like time-strecthing, pitch-shifting and REX2 groove support. Plus support for Linux and Mac OSX.

You can even run it inside another VST host as a VST plugin.

Monome Sixty Four

I was on at bang on 1800 GMT last Thursday, attempting to get an early place on the new order system for a sixty four after the first batch sold out in two minutes.

I managed to secure slot 30 in the queue for the remaining 40 units at 18:00:33 and had that auction winning feeling when I received the confirmation of my slot and then later payment. I really like the fact that we’ll be some of the lucky few to have secured a device.

I envy the developers for being in the great position of the orders now flowing in, having a great community, while still not outsourcing manufacture. We’re going to be coding/patching up some experiments as soon as the device arrives in a month or so. You never know we might even release some of them.

See vimeo for some fun videos.

isn’t it just a bunch of buttons with lights? yes, isn’t it wonderful? by having separate light and button systems, the device can be reconfigured infinitely. new applications and uses are continually being invented.

Processing 0133

Processing version 0133 was released on the 26th of October. Download here. Read More »

Upgrade To Ubuntu 7.10

I hadn’t started the update process until today as the servers were slow over the weekend after the fresh distriution release.

Lets hope it all goes smoothly as it’s a clean install of ubuntu studio 7.04 upgrading through the update manager. Read More »

pd extended 0.39.3

The latest build of Pure Data Extented has been released for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and is ready for download at: Read More »

Bataneye Added To Projects

Bataneye Music was the project that started it all in 2003.

Hear where it all began here.

Clean Film Shoot

I’ve just arrived back home after an unreal film shoot for Gut Reaction Productions.

The hours were mental and the conditions were not always great as you’d expect on a night shoot… my body clock is still adjusting to diurnal life!

However, I met many industrious people and found the new experience of working with Kate McSweeny and Kathy Doyle (co-writers and directors of upcoming short film ‘Clean’) very rewarding.

My task on the project is really just beginning as we enter the post-production stage.

Here’s me looking forward nervously to hearing the rushes after import.

New Projects

Man-qué and Up For Air have been added to the projects section.

Finally publishing some much needed content… with free downloads!

New Website Design

It’s been a long time since our website had a facelift.

We’ve gone through many designs from static html to fullscreen flash.

Last week I implemented wordpress and a modified version of the Slider 1.0 theme by Karmadude.

There’s still a few minor changes to make to the design and lots of content to add, however, most of our artists are pretty busy working on current projects, so we’ll get on it asap.

Is This Thing On?

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